Signs of Moles in the Garage

Since residential neighborhoods are often built on the loose soil that moles prefer to live in, property owners and the pests share many close encounters. Though they are more likely to be found in yards and gardens, moles may unintentionally find themselves in garages. Most often, this happens when the pests burrow underneath homes and get into garages through holes or gaps in the foundation.

However, moles may also wander into garages aboveground or be carried in by pets. Though moles do not typically enter garages on purpose, the spaces are damp, dark, and moist, which is the kind of environment these pests enjoy most. Still, they need access to soil and food to survive and do not usually stay in garages for long.


Since moles in the garage may damage the foundation with their burrowing, property owners should contact a professional wildlife control service at the first sign of activity. While several types of traps are available for purchase, proper placement is essential to their effectiveness. Untrained individuals are better off employing the wildlife removal specialists at Trutech to eliminate infestations of moles in garages.