Signs of Moles in the Basement

Moles prefer to live in cool, moist soil, and their diet consists of the insects found underground. As such, they rarely surface and instead spend most of their time in elaborate tunnel systems of their own creation. However, they may find themselves in basements on occasion.

Older homes with dirt floors are the most likely to have a mole in the basement. Additionally, moles may enter basements through gaps in building foundations or open cellar doors or windows. Property owners who encounter moles in basements should assume that the pest is lost or confused.

Prevention & Control

Property owners can employ preventative measures, like erecting wire mesh fencing and sealing gaps in foundations, to reduce the possibility of finding a mole in the basement. These methods are not foolproof, however, and the threat of structural damage remains when moles are around. Therefore, people with moles in the basement should contact the wildlife experts at Trutech to remove the pests before they cause damage.