Identifying Mole Droppings in Yards

If a property has a mole problem, the first sign will generally be the appearance of the mounds and tunnels they create in yards while burrowing underground. Since the animals spend the bulk of their lives below the surface, it is extremely rare to see mole droppings in yards. If they are spotted, they will look like small, brown pellets. The most likely place to find them is near lengths of dead grass called surface runways, which are a byproduct of moles’ tunneling behavior.

Damage from Moles

Mole droppings aside, a small mole presence might not be cause for concern. The animals aid in ground aeration and drainage and eat grubs and other harmful insects. However, more than one pest per acre of land can result in extensive damage to grass and plant roots and create tripping hazards. Expensive lawn equipment can also be damaged by these holes, divots, and tunnels.

Eliminating Problems

The pests avoid ground that is too rocky, sandy, or has too much clay content, as these are harder to dig. Their preference is for softer, well-drained earth and moist soil, which is why tunnels are often noticed after heavy rain. Moles are highly resistant to do-it-yourself exclusion methods because they are not bothered by fumigants, excessive noise, vibrations, or traditional repellents. Homeowners that find mole droppings or notice other signs of infestation should contact the wildlife removal experts at Trutech.