Do Iguanas Bite?

Almost any animal will bite under certain circumstances and iguanas are no exception. While they may look like miniature dinosaurs, these reptiles are generally not aggressive. However, during mating season or when provoked, they can lash out with their serrated teeth. Like crocodiles, iguanas’ powerful jaws are designed for tearing rather than chewing, so they tend to clamp down and hold on. Trying to push them away only makes the pests bite harder and may turn simple punctures into more serious injuries. Holding rubbing alcohol in front of its nose may encourage a stubborn iguana to let go.

Risk of Disease

More than simply painful, iguana bites can result in several health problems. Since these pests often leave their teeth embedded in the skin, tetanus or infection may follow if even small injuries are incorrectly treated. Iguanas also carry Salmonella in their intestines and several Gram-negative bacteria in their mouths, which can transfer to humans when the pests bite. As these organisms are resistant to many antibiotics, inform medical professionals that the bite came from an iguana to get the right treatment.

Preventing Iguana Bites

There are several signs that an iguana is about to bite. Stressed iguanas may hiss, extend the fold of loose skin under their heads, stiffen and coil their bodies, or twitch their tails from side to side, like an annoyed cat. Avoid reptiles exhibiting these signals and contact the wildlife experts at Trutech to have iguanas removed from the yard safely and humanely.