Signs of Groundhogs in the Yard

Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, are a type of large ground squirrel that often cause problems when they dig in residential lawns. While the most common sign of groundhogs in yards is actually spotting the pests, entrance holes to their underground burrows can also tip off homeowners. The sudden disappearance of garden greens and vegetables may be another indicator, as they feed on grasses and plants.

Issues Caused by Groundhogs

The pests’ burrows, which run long and deep, can damage lawn equipment and create tripping hazards. Their tendency to target garden plants also makes them unwanted in yards, as months of work may be chewed away in seconds. In rare cases, rabid groundhogs can even attack people or pets.


Luckily, groundhogs are solitary pests, so homeowners rarely have to deal with more than one. To encourage them to leave, try screening off burrow entrances with sheet metal or hardware cloth when the animals are out for the day. Bury the edge at least a foot deep to ensure that they won’t simply tunnel underneath. Because the pests frighten easily, property owners can also try scare tactics to frighten away a groundhog in the yard, like tying bright balloons or beach balls near their burrows.

Since the pests spend most of their time underground, the only way to be sure groundhog infestations are completely eradicated is to contact trained, certified wildlife removal experts. The animal control specialists at Trutech have the experience and know-how to safely and effectively remove groundhogs in yards.