Is it a Groundhog?

Also known as woodchucks, groundhogs are large marmots found throughout the eastern portion of the country. They inhabit fields, pastures, and wooded areas near open land. Homeowners who hear animal noises in these areas may have a groundhog infestation.

Typical Groundhog Sounds

These pests are known to make various noises that can distinguish them from other pests:

  • When angry or cornered, groundhogs may chatter their teeth.
  • The pests make a low warble that sounds like "chuck-chuck" when startled.
  • These animals are also called whistle pigs due to the shrill whistle they make to alert other groundhogs of nearby predators.

Get Rid of Groundhogs

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Problems Caused by Groundhogs

Hearing groundhog sounds is a sure sign that the pests are present in yards or gardens. Woodchucks feed on various fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Their burrows can weaken foundations, cause injury to livestock, or damage lawn mowers.


In addition to damaging property, the animals can carry various parasites and diseases. As a result, homeowners who hear groundhog sounds should contact the professionals at Trutech for safe and humane removal.