Groundhog Holes in Yards

Groundhog holes in yards and gardens are typically easy to spot. Nearly a foot in diameter, they can be distinguished from most other holes created by pests due to the large mounds of excavated soil that sit nearby. These holes lead to a network of chambers and tunnels that usually have multiple entrances. The main entrance is typically the most noticeable, as other openings tend to be well-hidden and can be more difficult to locate. These groundhog holes are used by the pests to escape predators and homeowners trying to hunt them down.

Problems Caused by Groundhog Holes

The burrowing nature of these pests can cause extensive damage to lawns, gardens, and pastures. Farm equipment can be broken when running over tunnels, and people, livestock, and pets can be injured when stepping into groundhog holes in yards. In some instances, groundhogs can burrow into embankments, under sheds and porches, or even near dams. This weakens these structures, causing expensive collapses and destroying foundations.

Getting Rid of Groundhogs

Finding groundhog holes in the yard is a sure sign that the pest is present. Groundhogs are known to carry numerous parasites and can transmit various diseases, including tularemia. Trying to capture them without professional help can be dangerous and difficult. Contact the trained wildlife removal specialists at Trutech to help safely and humanely eliminate groundhogs.