Signs of Gophers in the Yard

Gophers thrive in a variety of soil types, including the dirt found in yards. They create burrows underground where they then spend much of their time. As such, property owners rarely see adult gophers, even when infestations are present in yards. Instead, individuals will notice mounds of displaced dirt, typically shaped like horseshoes, around burrow entrances. On rare occasions, property owners may also spot gophers feeding along the edges of these openings.


Not only do gophers in yards create troublesome mounds, but the pests feed on ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, and garden crops. Trees affected by gopher feeding will have clipped stems and exposed roots. Cultivated landscaping may be destroyed in a matter of weeks by gophers in yards.

The presence of mounds makes upkeep, like mowing grass, challenging. As rodents, gophers frequently gnaw on plastic water lines and sprinklers, which results in costly damage. The pests’ widespread tunnels can eventually lead to soil erosion.


Ultimately, the best approach to handling infestations of gophers in yards is to contact the qualified wildlife control experts at Trutech. Our skilled professionals will locate the pests, practice safe removal, and even suggest ways to modify yards in the name of prevention.