Grief Caused by Gophers

Homeowners often cringe when gophers begin popping up in yards. These furry pests cause immense damage by uprooting landscaped lawns, girdling trees, and feeding on garden crops.

Gophers are known to burrow, which also causes a great deal of destruction to underground cables and pipes. These repairs can be costly, so avoiding damage is important in areas with a high gopher population.

Gopher Deterrents

There are a number of ways to prevent the pests from foraging through backyards, including fences and barriers. Unfortunately, these gopher deterrents are usually ineffective since the rodents can burrow beneath obstacles.

Gopher Repellents

Though there are some ways to deter these pests, there are no registered gopher repellents. Property owners can try moth crystals and noise devices, but neither has been proven to work.

Controlling Gophers

Because there are not many gopher repellents or deterrents available, controlling the pests can be challenging. Homeowners may turn to a number of removal methods:

The best form of control is seeking professional help. The experts at Trutech have the training and experience to successfully resolve gopher issues.