Recognizing Gopher Holes

Gopher holes span 12 to 24 inches in diameter and are telltale signs of infestation. They are typically surrounded by mounds of dirt that resemble crescent moons and may appear to be plugged, though gophers use them regularly to enter and exit their underground burrows. When gopher infestations are present, property owners will find several holes accompanied by moon-shaped mounds around yards.

Problems & Damage

Landscape damage is the most apparent problem associated with gopher holes in lawns, as the mounds hinder upkeep and kill vegetation. The pests’ diet also cause issues since they feed on various garden crops, shrubs, and trees. Additionally, as gophers must constantly gnaw to keep their teeth at a manageable length, they may damage expensive water lines and sprinkler systems imbedded in the ground.

Sign of Infestation & Removal

Since the pests rarely come out of their underground burrows, gopher holes are the best way to identify the presence of infestations. Individuals should be especially wary if newly made mounds appear around yards, as this indicates recent activity. Given the costly damage gophers can do to vegetation and water lines, property owners should contact a wildlife removal specialist as soon as they spot gopher holes in lawns. The wildlife professionals at Trutech can remove the pests to keep them from ruining expensive landscaping.