How Gophers Get into Gardens

Gophers gain access to gardens by digging expansive burrows underneath fencing or simply wandering onto personal property. The pests use the gardens as sources of food, as they typically contain their favorite meals. Gophers forage for the roots and bulbs of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other domesticated plants.


As they feed on the roots, seeds, and bulbs of various types of plants, gophers destroy gardens by stunting the growth of vegetation. Additionally, a lot of the damage caused by the pests takes place underground as a result of their burrowing. A typical gopher burrow sits 6 to 12 inches beneath the soil and can interfere with garden irrigation, which may also lead to costly structural damage of water lines or sprinkler systems. Gopher tunnels divert the flow of water, causing erosion to parts of lawns, as well.

Prevention & Exclusion

Gardeners can employ a number of prevention and exclusion methods to combat gopher infestations. One way to limit the pest’s damage is to build raised gardens. Property owners can also erect fencing buried several feet beneath the soil around flowerbeds. Electric fencing, though costly, helps keep gophers out of gardens, as well.


Removing gophers in gardens is difficult because they spend most of their time underground and may go unnoticed until damage has already occurred. Instead of taking on matters personally, property owners should contact the local wildlife control experts at Trutech and rely on trained and certified specialists to take care of gopher infestations.