Finding a Goose in the House

Geese thrive in areas with easy access to waterways and are often found on private properties searching for food and nesting sites. While hanging around on lawns, the pests occasionally find their way inside homes, especially if people feed them. If geese become accustomed to being fed by humans, they will feel more comfortable wandering inside through open windows or doors to track down their expected meals.

Problems & Damage Caused by Geese

Homeowner frustration with geese in the house typically centers on their droppings. Along with looking and smelling unpleasant, goose droppings contaminate water sources since they contain various bacteria harmful to humans.

Geese can also carry numerous diseases, including avian influenza, botulism, salmonellosis, and duck plague. Additionally, a goose in the house will be frightened and could damage windows, furniture, and floors while trying to escape.


General habitat modification and exclusion methods, as well as refraining from feeding the pests, reduces the possibility of finding geese in the house. However, if the pests do wander inside, contact a professional wildlife removal expert. Frightened or trapped geese may lash out, bite, or scratch in order to escape. The experts at Trutech can ensure the safe and humane removal of any goose in the house.