Finding Geese in the Yard

Since they primarily feed on grasses, geese are drawn to residential lawns. These spaces also usually have water sources nearby, such as ponds, rivers, or swimming pools. Furthermore, private lawns and yards are typically free of most natural predators like wild cats and coyotes. Geese use the lack of predators, as well as the abundance of food and water, to their advantage and set up nests in residential areas.

Damage & Problems Caused

Having geese in the yard can be dangerous, as the pests are extremely territorial, especially during mating season. They also defecate nearly every 20 minutes, and their feces contain the bacteria for E. coli, salmonella, listeria, and psittacosis. Furthermore, geese can carry many parasites that spread additional diseases to humans and pets.


Property owners can deter geese in the yard by limiting their access to food and water, as well as employing frightening devices. However, these methods aren’t guaranteed to work. When faced with infestations of geese in the yard, individuals should contact a wildlife control expert. The technicians at Trutech can remove geese safely and legally, without violating state or federal laws.