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Foxes are known for their intelligence and their fierce loyalty to their young. However, these creatures can pose a problem to your small household pets if they are left outside. If you have noticed the signs of a fox on your property, whether in the form of footprints or droppings, it is time to call the experts at Trutech to take care of it. Attempting to trap a fox on your own can be dangerous and you risk hurting yourself and the animal if you attempt to do so.

Our team of experts at Trutech know what it takes to remove these animals, whether dead or alive, from your property effectively and humanely. Trutech’s licensed specialists have the tools and knowledge to conduct a proper fox removal from your property. If you are worried about the possibility of foxes returning to your property and posing a threat to your pets, inquire about one of Trutech’s fox control services.

Here at Trutech, our passion is helping solve your animal maintenance problem quickly. Our humane fox removal and fox control methods ensure that no animals are harmed at any point in the wildlife maintenance process. So don’t wait until foxes have wreaked havoc on your property, pets, and children, call the experts at Trutech to conduct a fox removal or fox control on your property today!

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Fox control and Fox removal services give an important reminder that coyotes and foxes are wild animals and should not be fed. There are no effective repellents or deterrents available. The only fox control or coyote control measures are fox and coyote removal and relocation through trapping. Fox trapping and coyote trapping should only be attempted by the licensed and experienced Fox Control and Coyote Removal Specialists at Trutech. Anyone who attempts to confront or capture any wildlife puts themselves in grave danger.

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I’m interested in an estimate for trapping and relocating a fox.

-Abingdon, MD

As laws pertaining to what methods of trapping can be used, and where and under what circumstances foxes can be relocated can vary from state to state, your best course of action would be to call our home office at (855) 866-0930 so you can be put in touch with your local Trutech Technician. They will be familiar with state laws and regulations and will be able to devise a targeted plan to address your fox problem.