How & Why Deer Get into Houses

Deer only end up in homes when confused or by accident. They wander onto residential lawns in search of their favorite foods, like fruits, nuts, garden vegetables, and shrubs. While foraging for food, deer might see their own reflection in the windows or glass doors of homes. Since the pests are inquisitive, this leads them to approach houses and even crash through the glass. Additionally, open doors may invite curious deer into homes.

Problems & Damage

Deer in the house do not want to be inside and will panic until they find an exit, which can result in the destruction of expensive appliances or precious keepsakes. The pests break glass, stain carpets and walls with blood, knock over furniture, and wreck decor in their search for an exit.

Attacks on humans and pets are common when deer are frightened. Deer also carry numerous parasites, such as deer ticks, and may bring those unwanted visitors indoors, which contributes to the spread of Lyme disease.

Control & Removal

Homeowners should monitor deer populations in yards and take action before the pests have the chance to enter the house. If a deer in the house is encountered, residents should not approach the animal. Instead, property owners are advised to call a wildlife control professional immediately. The technicians at Trutech can devise plans to humanely remove deer in the house and then offer tips on keeping them away in the future.