Finding Deer in the Garden

Since deer like to eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, and the leaves, stems, and buds of plants, residential neighborhoods are rife with potential food sources. Private gardens, in particular, attract the pests because of the plant diversity they offer, from bulb plants like tulips to common garden vegetables such as peppers and beans. Deer are able to walk right up to these smorgasbords and feast so long as property owners haven’t fenced in these areas.

Problems & Damage

Given large enough populations, deer can destroy garden vegetation with their feeding. Male deer trim their antlers by rubbing them on the trunks of trees, which scratches off the bark and sometimes results in severe and potentially fatal damage. The presence of deer in gardens may also bring ticks to the area, which contributes to the spread of Lyme disease.

Control & Removal

The size and temperament of deer makes them highly unpredictable, especially if they’re caring for offspring. As such, people should never approach the pests. Repellents like fences and scare devices can reduce the possibility of finding deer in the garden. However, the only surefire way to keep the pests away is by taking advantage of the professional deer control and removal services provided by Trutech.