Finding Deer in the Garage

Overwhelming populations of white-tailed deer live in nearly every state of the country. These pests like to congregate on farmland, the edges of forested areas, and residential lawns, as these sites all offer consistent sources of food. Though it’s rare, deer will occasionally wander into garages while foraging for meals. Since they’re relatively large animals, the pests are only able to enter garages when the doors have been left open.

Problems & Damage

Since any deer in the garage are likely to be confused and agitated, they are prone to lashing out, which could damage cars, lawn care equipment, and other expensive tools often stored in garages. Additionally, deer are prominent carriers of ticks, which latch onto humans and pets and feed on their blood. As such, the presence of deer in garages can facilitate the spread of diseases like Lyme disease and babesiosis.

Control & Removal

The best way to keep deer out of garages is to exclude the pests from lawns. While that is nearly impossible to do with reliable results, erecting fences around private properties and setting up frightening devices can reduce the possibility of attracting them. If the pests still manage to set up residence in yards, property owners should contact the wildlife removal specialists at Trutech before the deer are able to move into garages and possibly cause costly damage.