Finding Deer in the Backyard

Deer frequently enter residential lawns in search of food, and property owners whose homes border wooded areas, thickets, and grasslands regularly find deer in the backyard. The pests eat a variety of vegetation, including grasses, flowering plants, fruits, nuts, ornamental trees, and garden vegetables.

Deer generally stay close to their home range to find mates, breed, and raise their young. Backyards tend to be either part of that range or convenient areas to rest for migrating populations.

Problems & Damage

In addition to feeding on plants and other vegetation, deer in the backyard trample through gardens and cultivated landscaping as they move across properties. Male deer are known to rub their antlers on trees, which can severely damage growth.

Additionally, deer carry multiple parasites, including blacklegged ticks, that contribute to the transmission of Lyme disease, which is extremely harmful to both humans and pets.

Control & Removal

deer in backyard

Property owners can utilize different exclusion methods to keep deer out of backyards. Erecting fences and installing barriers around flowerbeds and trees helps keep deer at bay. However, these methods of control can be costly and time-consuming to maintain. Contacting the trained wildlife removal professionals at Trutech ensures that deer in the backyard are removed safely and humanely.