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Are Deer Dangerous to People?

Deer are common throughout the United States. Despite being familiar enough not to cause alarm, deer are dangerous pests in some circumstances. When abundant resources attract large numbers of these animals to an area, they can negatively affect homeowners’ property and safety.

Deer Damage

Since they eat a variety of plants and crops, deer are dangerous for gardens and landscaping. They also stunt tree growth by stripping bark from trunks and branches. In addition, deer herds near homes are a problem because of the ticks they carry. In areas overpopulated with deer, residents have a higher risk of contracting Lyme disease.

Deer accidents involving vehicles are common as well. Thousands of people run into deer while crossing busy roads each year, and many of those collisions result in injury or death. Even deer-related accidents that don’t end with physical harm may cost drivers hundreds of dollars in damages.

Controlling the Problem

Homeowners can make small changes to lawns to deter deer. Fences help but are expensive to install and must be the right height to be effective. Garden netting and guards for trees can also reduce damage if correctly installed. To avoid the dangers of deer infestations, contact Trutech for help with wildlife damage prevention.