Coyote standing on gravel

What Time Do Coyotes Come Out to Hunt?

In urban areas, these animals often hunt from sundown to sunrise. This may lead residents to wonder if coyotes are nocturnal. In their natural habitats, away from noise and people, coyotes are often active during the day. Near homes and yards, a coyote will hunt in daylight only when food is hard to find.

Are Coyotes Nocturnal?

When coyotes are active at night, they enter yards with exposed trash, pet food, or fallen fruit. Rodents also attract the animals. In addition, coyotes view some pets and livestock, like caged rabbits and chickens, as prey.

To avoid people, coyotes often retreat from towns once they finish hunting. However, it is not uncommon for packs to live in urban areas with plenty of food sources. Among buildings, dense brush, and culverts, a coyote has many places to hide.

Avoiding Coyote Conflict

Although it may seem like coyotes are nocturnal, this behavior results from human activity. Regardless of the time of day, residents should keep pets outside under careful watch and secure livestock in sturdy pens. For exclusion or removal support when coyotes are active, call the team at Trutech.