Finding Coyotes in the House

In western cities, where the pests are most prevalent, coyotes have adapted to living around humans. They regularly hang around suburban neighborhoods and associate people with food and protection. As such, the pests are drawn to private properties.

Though most of coyotes’ favorite foods are found outdoors, like wild rabbits, carrion, deer, and poultry, some dietary staples are more commonly available inside homes, such as garbage, fruits, pet food, and even rodents. For this reason, though it’s rare, individuals may occasionally encounter a coyote in the house that’s wandered inside though an open door or pet flap.


As predators, coyotes are a danger to household pets and residents. Though very few people die as a result of coyote attacks, the encounters frequently lead to severe injuries. The pests also contaminate homes and yards with their excrement, shed excessively, gnaw on interior and exterior drainage pipes, and leave behind the carcasses of their prey, which contributes to the spread of disease.


Typically, coyotes should be removed from private properties before the pests can break into homes. Look for tracks, the sudden appearance of animal remains, and droppings in yards, and contact a professional wildlife removal service at the first sign of coyote activity. When faced with a coyote in the house, immediately vacate the premises and then call in the experts at Trutech to safely eliminate the problem.