What Attracts Coyotes to the Backyard?

Coyotes in the backyard are becoming a much more familiar sight as the pests have adapted to urban and suburban settings. The pests are curious by nature and prey on small mammals, such as rabbits and rodents, but also consume roadkill and trash. As many of these food sources are available on private properties, coyotes frequently hang out in yards looking for food.


While the pests are usually wary of people, coyotes will attack when they feel threatened, and the more time they spend in residential neighborhoods, the more likely it is that incidents will occur. Small animals and pets left in the backyard are also at risk of attack and may become prey. Furthermore, coyotes are known carriers of numerous diseases, including distemper, mange, and rabies, as well as parasites that cause problems for household pets.


Property owners should keep an eye out for signs of coyotes in the backyard. These can include footprints, droppings, and any prey remains. At the first sign of coyote activity, individuals should contact a professional wildlife service to help with removal. Never attempt to capture or trap a coyote without professional assistance from Trutech to ensure the safety of all involved.