Why Coyotes Bite Pets

As omnivores, coyotes kill smaller animals for food, and sometimes that will include pets. Coyote bites on dogs and similarly sized animals will be located behind the throat or jugular area of the neck. Smaller animals may have puncture wounds on the head and neck, as well. It’s rare that a coyote bites anywhere else on the body.

Preventing Presence in Yards

In addition to attacking beloved pets, coyotes are dangerous because they carry distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus, and rabies, as well as host parasites like ticks, fleas, and worms. To prevent coyote bites, small pets should be kept indoors from dusk until dawn or be closely monitored when they go outside. Yards can also be coyote-proofed with tall fencing topped with rollers or barbed wire. Pet food should always be kept indoors, as outdoor food can attract the pests and make them aware of pets as potential prey. Finally, outside trash should be secured in cans with lids instead of left in bags.

Do Coyotes Bite People?

It is unusual for coyotes to attack humans, but it does happen. These incidents occur when the pests have become too familiar with people and no longer view them as a threat. Any coyote presence should be taken seriously, because live and let live doesn’t work with these animals. Leaving them alone will be taken as an invitation to get closer and investigate further. This can lead to unpleasant encounters and the potential for coyote bites on pets and people. To keep coyotes where they belong, contact the wildlife control professionals at Trutech.