Signs & Dangers of Birds on the Roof

Many species of birds establish nests or perches on the roofs of homes and businesses, compromising human health and undermining the structural integrity of buildings. As birds collect in one place, so do their droppings, which are highly acidic and can eat through a variety of building materials. Bird excrement also causes injuries as accumulations make sidewalks slippery.

Additionally, the pests’ feces contribute to the spread of various diseases like Histoplasmosis. Nests built in gutters cause issues with clogging and create fire hazards. Furthermore, the excessive noise pollution that results from birds on the roof constantly chirping annoys and distracts building residents.

Prevention & Removal

A surprising number of bird species are protected under local, state, and federal laws. The removal of bird nests, especially those of endangered species, may result in criminal prosecution. Regularly cleaning roofs by removing debris is the best way to reduce the possibility of attracting infestations.

However, the only way to avoid legal retribution and safeguard against the presence of birds on the roof is to call wildlife removal specialists like those at Trutech. Our control experts carry out thorough assessments of infested areas and employ the safest and most humane bird removal tactics.