Problems Caused by Bird Droppings

While many people watch birds for personal enjoyment, these animals can become a nuisance if their numbers grow too great. Large gatherings generate loud noise from the pests’ cackles and calls, decimate food sources, and, perhaps most seriously, leave behind a large amount of bird droppings. Not only are they unsightly and unsanitary, disease from bird poop can include cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, psittacosis, and salmonellosis.

How Disease Spreads

All of these diseases stem from the dust created by older waste or by fungus and bacteria that grow in the presence of bird droppings. Disease follows inhalation of spores or other particles. Symptoms typically mirror those experienced with the flu such as headache, fever, shortness of breath, muscle ache, and chills.

Preventing Nuisance Birds & Their Droppings

The best way to avoid these diseases from bird droppings is to keep clear of areas with a lot of avian waste. If your own property is the source of the contamination, the aim should be to stay ahead of the problem through regular cleaning and by practicing exclusionary methods to reduce the numbers of birds on the property. Homeowners who are having difficulty controlling bird populations should contact the professional wildlife removal experts at Trutech.