photo of beaver

Beaver Problems

Known as great builders, beavers make dams to preserve food sources and protect their colonies. These pests are territorial and will fight against rivals or threats. However, beavers are not mean or hostile towards people.

Because of their natural building behaviors, beavers are dangerous mostly when they live near homes. Beaver dams cause flooding that may damage lawns, septic systems, and basements. The pests also cut down saplings, strip bark from trees, and destroy landscaping by eating from shrubs and plants.

How Are Beavers Dangerous to People or Pets?

Defensive Behavior

Beavers are dangerous when cornered. The animals may lunge forward to bite and defend themselves. Before an attack, the pests make hissing sounds and even sharpen their teeth. However, beavers are mean only when threatened.


Another reason beavers are dangerous to residents and pets is the diseases they carry. Some may transmit tularemia, which is fatal to other animals. Water soiled by beaver waste can also spread giardiasis. To avoid injury or illness, contact Trutech for expert wildlife removal and control.