photo of bat with wings spread

How Do Bats Hunt for Food?

Over time, some bats have evolved their senses to better capture prey. Many species of bats use a method of echolocation to find prey at night. When hunting, they emit high frequency sounds that bounce off an object before returning to the bat, which allows them to hone in on their next meal.

What Do Bats Eat in the Wild?

These pests have large appetites. The bat diet consists of mostly insects, and one individual may eat around 500 of them in an hour. Because they consume so many flies and mosquitoes, many species in North America play a crucial role in controlling pest populations.

Bats in Homes

Sometimes a bat will make its way into a house seeking shelter and protection from predators. In homes, these pests usually nest in attics, though they may also roost in garages, barns, and other structures. Most of their prey swarms at night, so residents usually see or hear bats after dark.

Getting Rid of Bats

While the bat diet makes these animals beneficial, they leave behind foul-smelling droppings and can pass several serious diseases to people. Paying attention to where the pests enter and sealing off entrances after all bats leave is one of the best ways to exclude them. Contact the specialists at Trutech for the safe removal of bats from homes.