Armadillo standing on dirt

Armadillos in Yards

Homeowners in warm regions of the country often see armadillos in the yard. The pests’ burrows may damage lawns, tear up gardens, and weaken foundations. To get rid of these destructive pests, many people turn to armadillo repellents.

Common Armadillo Repellents

Several types of armadillo deterrents claim to keep these pests away. Home remedies like cayenne pepper, mothballs, and castor oil are popular, but they do not always work.

In addition, some of these armadillo repellents can harm other wildlife. Mothballs are toxic to many animals, and peppers hot enough to repel armadillos may also hurt pets.

How to Get Rid of Armadillos

To deter armadillos, homeowners need to find out why these animals are on the property. Most pests prefer to build burrows in safe areas near food sources. As a result, control lawn grubs and insects to make yards less attractive to armadillos.

The surest armadillo deterrent is a visit from the experts at Trutech. Pest professionals can help residents get rid of armadillos and prevent future issues.