Identifying an Armadillo Hole

Armadillos, short-legged and big-eared pests with a hard carapace, are notorious for digging holes in yards. Routinely foraging for insects and grubs, armadillos quickly and efficiently move about a lawn in search of their food. In their wake, they leave many shallow holes, usually one to three inches deep and three to five inches wide. Larger armadillo burrows can also be found in yards. Entrances are around eight inches in diameter.

Problems Associated with Armadillo Holes

Most active from sunset to the early morning hours, armadillos are able to discreetly destroy vegetable gardens and flower beds as well as lawns. Armadillo holes are known to cause injury to livestock and even lead to equipment problems when they are run over. Both deeper and wider, burrows create further issues. For example, an armadillo burrow built under a shed, driveway, or patio may compromise structural integrity.

Proper Control and Removal

Armadillo holes in yards can sometimes be avoided, especially if homeowners treat for the type of insect prey the pests are after. Other methods of habitat modification can work but need to be repeated throughout the year to keep armadillos at bay. This can be both time-consuming and expensive. In order to completely remove and control problem armadillos, professional wildlife removal is always the best course of action. The technicians at Trutech have the experience, knowledge, and training to safely and humanely remove the pests.