Armadillo standing on dirt

Finding Dead Armadillos

In many southeastern and West Coast states, dead armadillos are a familiar sight on roadways. These animals have poor vision and often jump right into oncoming cars when startled. People may also find the pests’ bodies on their lawns or under foundations and driveways.

Armadillos and Leprosy

The most common armadillo disease is leprosy. Humans and armadillos are the only known carriers of this illness. While unlikely, undercooked meat or body fluids from dead armadillos may transmit leprosy to people.

Dead Armadillo Removal

Because of the danger of disease, homeowners should not try to dispose of dead armadillos on their own. As with any wild animal, handling these pests is safest with the proper equipment and training. Residents with concerns about armadillos can contact the wildlife experts at Trutech.