Odd Pests

Nine-banded armadillos came to the U.S. from South America. They prefer warm climates and often come into yards in search of insects. Because of the pest’s strange appearance, many people are unsure what to expect when an armadillo wanders onto the lawn.

Do Armadillos Bite?

A scared armadillo usually jumps in the air to distract predators or runs away. When facing a human, it is not likely that the pest will bite. Armadillos have small, peg-like teeth that do not usually cause injury.

What Diseases Do Armadillos Carry?

While armadillos can carry rabies or leprosy, the number of human cases caused by these pests isunknown. Both diseases transfer through direct contact with infected wildlife or people, so it’s best to avoid touching armadillos.

Are Armadillos Dangerous to Humans?

Because the pests are docile and frighten easily, armadillos are not dangerous to humans. However, these animals may cause problems by digging near foundations or damaging gardens. Residents with armadillo issues can call Trutech for safe pest removal.