The Armadillo Life Cycle

baby armadillo
In the spring, female armadillos burrow deep into the soil and create nests before giving birth to litters of four identical pups. Baby armadillos, called pups, are born with their eyes open.

Newborn baby armadillos can walk within a few hours, but their armored shells take a few weeks to harden. Two to four months into the armadillo life cycle, the mother will wean her pups. They typically stay with her and forage alongside their siblings until the summer mating season begins.

Baby Armadillo Damage

A female armadillo often uproots flowers and other foliage to disguise the entrance to her nest. This keeps burrows hidden and ensures that baby armadillos are safe inside.

Both the mother and baby armadillos search for grubs in yards and tear up turf in the process. Because gardens are well watered and have plenty of insects, they are a favorite target. The pests also dig burrows and underground dens.

Preventing Armadillos

Live traps may capture these pests. However, armadillos may carry rabies or leprosy, which spread through direct contact. Trutech's trained experts can assist in the safe, humane removal of adult and baby armadillos humane trap