Noises Skunks Make

Unmistakable due to their odorous spray, skunks are also known to make numerous noises that can help in their identification. Most skunk sounds are produced by babies, though adults will vocalize when cornered or surprised. These pests have been heard hissing, growling, screeching, clicking their teeth, and even making bird-like chirping noises. Other common skunk noises include foot stomps, which typically mean the pests are upset or trying to frighten away predators.

Denning Skunks

Skunks are usually solitary pests. However, if homeowners are hearing skunk noises, this usually means that more than one is present. Nursing females are known to make dens under manmade structures such as sheds, decks, and porches. Cooing and chirping noises typically mean young skunks are nearby. Though these pests do not usually stay in one den for long, getting them to leave permanently can be difficult.

Skunk Removal

Hearing skunk sounds is a sure indication that an infestation is nearby. Skunks are known to dig up lawns and knock over garbage cans in search of food. These pests are also carriers of various diseases, including rabies and canine distemper. In order to avoid being sprayed, scratched, or bitten, contact the trained wildlife professionals at Trutech to handle removal.