Mole Sounds in Yards

Moles spend most of their lives underground and sleep up to ten hours per day, so they are very good at going undetected. The deep tunnels they dig are often the only evidence of their presence. These pests also make some noises that could be detected by homeowners. Mole sounds typically include high-pitched squeals, snorts, squeaks, guttural noises, and grating teeth. Some species also wheeze.

Problems and Exclusion

What moles mainly do, though, is dig. Their sensitive snouts and oversized front claws make them nature’s burrowing machines, able to excavate at a rate of more than a foot per minute. This digging behavior does not endear moles to property owners. The pests damage lawns and plant roots, sometimes killing seedlings and sprouts.

Moles make two types of tunnels. Temporary feeding tubes are shallow channels that push up turf. Permanent tunnels are far deeper, as much as three feet down, and used for sleeping, escaping predators, and keeping warm during winter. Both kinds can be devastating to yards, causing tripping injuries and damaging lawn equipment. Hearing mole noises can be a strong indicator of an infestation. To safely trap and remove moles, contact the professionals at Trutech.