Types of Marmot Sounds

Marmots are large ground squirrels found throughout North America. In general, some species will be more common regionally than others. For example, yellow-bellied and hoary marmots are mostly found in the west, while woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, live primarily in the east. As these burrowing pests can easily become nuisances in yards, it pays to be on watch for infestations.

One way to recognize their presence is to listen for marmot sounds. Yellow-bellied marmots are known to whistle or chirp to alert their colonies of approaching predators. This sound becomes a trill when the pests are extremely agitated. Conversely, hoary marmots use alarm calls that are loud and relatively shorter than those of other species. Woodchucks are known to make sounds similar to their western cousins. They can grunt, warble, and emit shrill whistles or chirp when startled.

Deterring Marmot Infestations

All marmots are burrowing pests whose tunnel systems can be detrimental to yards, gardens, and crops. In addition to their vocalizations, scratching or digging noises under sheds, decks, and other structures are also marmot sounds that could indicate an infestation problem. Some exclusion and trapping methods can effectively keep these pests away. However, as marmots carry various parasites and diseases, attempting to trap them without professional help can be dangerous. Contacting the trained wildlife specialists at Trutech is the best method for safe and humane marmot removal.