Bird Noises in the Home and Yard

Since birds produce a number of diverse yet distinct sounds, including singing, calling, chirping, pecking, and scratching, the pests are easily identified when they gather in houses or yards. Birds rarely cause issues for people when outside, unless found picking at gardens and lawns in search of seeds or insects. Still, the pests may be heard calling and singing to one another or pecking at bird feeders and trees.

Due to their small size, birds can easily squeeze into chimneys and vents to nest inside attics, garages, and walls. Homeowners are able to detect infestations when bird sounds are noticeably louder in areas of the house. Sometimes nuisance birds hide in concealed crawl spaces or attics and can be heard pecking and scratching at the walls and ceilings. The pests may also emit familiar high-pitched, repetitive chirps or whistles and create thumping noises when flapping their wings against their surroundings.

Bird Sounds Signal Infestations

Unlike most pests, bird infestations are clearly recognizable by the noises they produce. Their unmistakable chirping, cawing, and pecking are sure indications of active gatherings. When inside, the small pests are likely to nest and procreate, which makes them harder to remove and causes structural damage to homes. To get rid of the constant noises, contact your well-trained wildlife removal specialists at Trutech for safe and effective removal of birds from homes.

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