As one of the largest animal control, wildlife and animal removal companies in the nation, we provide unmatched service from trained and degreed expert technicians.

Trutech Wildlife Service offers long-term solutions while providing humane wildlife removal and control. Trutech’s professional wildlife technicians specialize in removing wildlife from your home or property safely to leave you with a peace of mind.
Our Integrated Wildlife and Pest Control programs aim to humanely remove and prevent any future intrusions. We provide full home exclusions in which we repair and restore your home from the damage caused by the animal(s).

Wildlife Control Services

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Wildlife Removal

Humane and ethical wildlife removal and trapping

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Wildlife Prevention

Exclusion service

Habitat modification

Deterrents or repellents

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Wildlife Remediation

Clean animal mess

Disinfect animal waste

Seal entry points

Attic restoration

Typical Wildlife Issues

Wild animals will make their presence known. Strange noises and odious odors impact the qualify of life in your home and are usually the first sign of wildlife. The damage caused by an animal generally goes unseen because it happens between the walls, in the attic, or in your crawl space. Most wild animals carry parasites or disease that can impact your health.

Attic Invaders

Lawn Infiltrators

Trutech Wildlife Control Process

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems.

Inspection & Removal

Every unique animal problem begins with an initial inspection. Our Wildlife Consultant will investigate the property for signs of wildlife. Wild animals leave numerous signs of their presence which will allow our Wildlife Consultant to determine the type of animal, severity of infestation, and number of entry points.

The exterior and interior of your home will be fully inspected. On the exterior of your home, our consultant will thoroughly inspect your roof and crawlspace. He/She will look for entry points, damage to the property, rub marks, footprints, and fecal matter.  Our interior inspection includes a thorough attic inspection where our consultant will look for nesting material, fecal matter, track marks, burrowing, and damage like chewing. Depending on the severity of the situation, our consultant may inspect other areas inside your home.

  • To prepare for the inspection consider

    Have you seen an animal around your home or property?

  • Why do you suspect you have an animal?

  • When are you hearing noises and what do they sound like?

  • Are there any odors in your house and if so, where?

  • How long have you been experiencing the problem?

After performing a thorough inspection, our Wildlife Consultant will develop a custom plan to solve your wildlife problem. Depending on the species, he/she will deploy a strategy. Examples of our strategies include but are not limited to trapping, live trapping, direct capture, deterrents, one-way doors.

Animal Proofing Your Home

  • Hole Size Guide by Animal

  • Pencil-width for mice, bats, voles

  • Golf ball for rats, flying squirrels, red squirrels, chipmunks

  • Baseball for gray and fox squirrels

  • Grapefruit-sized for raccoons

Once the animal has safely been removed, it is important to prevent any future animal intruders. Habitat modifications and home exclusions are two of the most effective and humane methods to keep animals out of your home.

The habitat around your home plays a big role in an animal’s decision to make your home its own. Animals love a good nesting space, and brush/debris on the ground level makes a great nest while tree limbs that give animals access to your roof makes for a great highway to your attic. You can help prevent animal entry by trimming limbs and keeping your yard debris free.

A full home exclusion creates a barrier that prevents animals from entering or re-entering your home. Exclusions provide long-term and safe solutions to keep an animal out. We seal all types of entry points like plumbing stacks, gable vents, ridge vents, crawlspace vents, and roof returns. In addition, Trutech offers warranties on full home exclusions.

Depending on the species repellents or recurring inspections may be recommended to ensure there are no future intrusions.

Repairs and Remediation

After your home is secure, it is vital to restore your home. Wild animals do not make the best house guests. They can cause damage when entering and living in your home. These unwelcome guests might infect your family with diseases or parasites. Trutech offers services to repair damage, close entry points, and disinfect affected areas.

Erase evidence the animal was ever there.

  • Clean up any debris brought in with the animal
  • Repair damage caused by the animal in your home
  • Seal any potential entry points
  • Sanitize and disinfect areas covered in animal waste and urine
  • Restore attic insulation (if possible)

Protecting Your Home

Recurring services are offered for every animal type. We recommend having a service to keep animals away after an invasion, but we also offer preventative recurring services. We create a plan that is catered to your needs and your property. Though we offer monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly services, we will inform you what frequency of services will keep your property free of your problem animal(s).

Wildlife Management Professionals

For nearly four decades, Trutech Wildlife Service has safely and ethically offered wildlife services to homes and business. Every situation is unique, but with extensive training and experience there is no wildlife issue our professionals at Trutech cannot handle.

If you suspect there is an animal in your house, call today! Fix minor damage today to avoid significant issues later.