Pack Rat Rep

Why Use Pack Rat Repellents?

Pack rats can cause many problems for homeowners. Their habitual chewing can damage cables, wires, water lines, pool equipment, and vehicle engines. Pack rats also produce large amounts of disease-carrying waste and build four-foot-wide nests in cars and under homes.

The Problem with Home Remedies

There is more than one DIY pack rat repellent, though none are completely effective. Popular methods include:

  • Putting out mothballs
  • Sprinkling cayenne pepper in gardens
  • Enclosing plants with hardware cloth

There are several issues with these approaches. Mothballs only last a short time and can be toxic to pets and small children. The other two pack rat deterrents may show some results outdoors, but don’t address indoor pests.

Importance of Effective Control

It is vital to control pack rat populations because these rodents are highly fertile. One female is able to give birth to two babies per month. After two months, those offspring have developed enough tostart having young of their own.

The best pack rat deterrent is a call to the wildlife experts at Trutech for efficient exclusion, removal, and prevention.