Waco, Texas Wildlife Removal & Control

Waco is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Whether you live on the North Side, South Side or East Side of Waco, your home is not immune to wildlife invaders. From skunks to rats, armadillos to snakes, Trutech is here to handle all of your wildlife-removal needs. One call gets the job done right – the first time!

Wildlife Control in Waco

Let Trutech’s wildlife experts handle all your wild animal-removal and exclusion needs. From pest removal to get rid of venomous snakes to armadillo removal and opossum removal to squirrels in the attic, we can help you rest easy knowing that your wildlife issues are being tackled by true professionals.

Snake Removal

A wide variety of venomous snakes call the Waco area home. If you’ve discovered a snake in your home and wondered “is it venomous?” We advise you not to take chances. Instead, call our snake removal experts at Trutech and we’ll come to you to get rid of the offending snake (or snakes). We also offer snake exclusion services to keep them from returning. One call is all it takes!

Bat Exclusion

Concerned about bats in the attic or shed? Call Trutech’s Waco office and let our wildlife-removal professionals tackle the job. Whether you have bats in the attic or shed or you’ve discovered bat droppings, one call to our bat removal experts can help get rid of these noisy critters and keep them from coming back.

Armadillo Removal

When it comes to armadillo removal, count on the professionals at Trutech. Whether you’ve found an armadillo burrowing and causing damage to your lawn or your yard, calling Trutech is a smart way to make sure your wildlife-removal problems are solved.

Squirrel Removal

It may look easy on the surface to trap a squirrel, but where there’s one, there are likely many more. Treat your squirrel problem at the source by calling Trutech. We can safely and efficiently remove squirrels in the attic and elsewhere in your home. Our squirrel relocation team will move them far from your home so that they won’t come back. It’s really that easy, and Trutech can get it done for you quickly and professionally.

Opossum Removal

Have you found an opossum in or around your home? Unlike other types of animals, there are few things out there that act as a deterrent to opossums. Instead, call Trutech’s Waco office and let us take care of it. Our opossum-removal specialists not only get rid of the offending animal nuisance but take steps to keep it out, so you can rest easy!

When to Call an Animal-Removal Professional

Getting rid of nuisance wildlife or handling wildlife exclusion takes the skill and knowledge of a trained professional. If you suspect a wild animal, including armadillos, snakes, bats or other nuisance wildlife in or around your home, or you see damage to your lawn or garden or animal droppings, call Trutech and put our wildlife removal experts to the task.

From bats in the attic or shed to armadillos in the garden or snakes in the basement, when it’s time to call a wildlife-removal professional, trust Waco’s team of wildlife-removal specialists at Trutech. Call us today for prompt, courteous service and humane wildlife-removal you can count on!


We have highly trained wildlife removal technicians; many who are biologists, herpetologists, entomologists, and also experts in bat and bird control. We will conduct your service with ease and professionalism. Our specialists will remove any disease-carrying pest from your Waco home. We guarantee we will solve the problem, whatever it takes. Click here for a full list of our animal control and removal services.

  • We have a mission to provide animal removal from your property in a humane and ethical manner.
  • Our wildlife control technicians specialize in removing unwanted pests from your home or business.
  • We also close off potential entry points to prevent animals from re-entering your house.
  • We can remove old insulation that has been tainted by an infestation and install new energy efficient insulation in its place.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal control technicians are on call to respond in the case of an emergency.

Trutech Pledge

Our licensed and insured wildlife removal technicians are highly trained entomologists, biologists, and herpetologists, skilled and practiced in handling all of your animal control needs. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we are experts on bat removal and bird control and will not stop until we resolve any animal control issue in your Waco, Texas, home or business.

With our extensive experience in the animal control and wildlife industry, we are confident that we can handle all your animal control situations. Trutech prides itself on customer satisfaction, so our wildlife specialists will continue working until they’ve solved your problem, guaranteed.

Our animal control and animal removal technicians are on call 24/7 to respond to a call in the case of an animal control emergency.

Service Area

We also provide complete wildlife removal services for Temple, Hillsboro, Belton, and Marlin areas of Waco including the zip codes: 76501, 76502, 76503, 76504, 76505, 76508, 76661, 76645, 76513, 76701, 76702, 76703, 76704, 76705, 76706, 76707, 76708, 76709, 76710, 76711, 76715, 76716, 76797, 76798, and 76799.

Also serving these neighborhoods near Waco: Abbott, Aquilla, Bellmead, Beverly, Beverly Hills, Bruceville-Eddy, Crawford, Gholson, Golinda, Hallsburg, Hewitt, Hubbard, Lacy-Lakeview, Leroy, Lorena, Lott, Marlin, Mart, McGregor, Moody, Mount Calm, Northcrest, Oglesby, Penelope, Riesel, Robinson, Ross, Troy, Valley Mills, West, Woodway, TX.




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