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Wildlife Control Services for Greenville, Texas and Surrounding Counties

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Whether the problem is in your home or in your business, you can depend on Trutech’s animal control specialists to handle the job. Nobody wants rodents and snakes roaming through their home, endangering their family, nor do they want bats and raccoons wandering through their business scaring customers. This is why you should call us; we have been in the wildlife removal business since 1984.

Wildlife Problems in Greenville

Dealing with Dangerous Pests

At the heart of the fertile blackland prairies, Greenville, TX, has a stunning diversity of wildlife. Unfortunately for homeowners, this includes resident predators like snakes and coyotes. Of the four local types of venomous snakes, copperheads are responsible for the most bites. The pests live along streams and ponds, where their camouflaged bodies make them easy to step on accidentally.

Coyotes are also found in area yards, especially when attracted by pet food, fruit, or rodents. Traveling singly or in packs of up to seven, they can threaten the safety of pets and livestock.

Pests that Spread Diseases

Raccoons and bats both hole up in Greenville attics, causing a variety of issues. Brazilian free-tailed bats regularly use loose trim and gaps around rooflines to get indoors, where their guano smells foul and encourages the growth of dangerous mold.

As much larger pests, raccoons sometimes need to create their own entrances into attics by ripping up shingles and siding. Like bats, raccoons are common carriers of rabies.