Denton, Texas Wildlife Removal & Control

Nuisance wildlife causing damage to your lawn or garden? Found a wild animal in your home? One call to Trutech and your wildlife problems are solved. Our experts serve Denton, Texas, including Denton Square and surrounding areas with all types of wildlife removal services. Trust Trutech’s experts to help get rid of all types of pests including squirrels, chipmunks, opossums, armadillos and more.

Wildlife Control in Denton

Wildlife and pests can be more than just a nuisance, which is why Trutech’s professional wildlife-removal experts are here to help not only remove the offending creature but take steps to prevent them from coming back. A wide range of animals call the Denton area home, which is why if you’ve seen or suspect pests in or around your home, it’s important to call Trutech right away before the problem gets worse.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are crafty and can get into almost anything. But when they get into your home, it’s an understandable cause for alarm. Trust your Denton wildlife-removal specialists at Trutech. Not only can we help get rid of squirrels but can prevent them from coming back. Whether you have squirrels in the attic or you’re concerned about squirrels doing damage, one call to Trutech can help you rest easy.

Chipmunk Removal

Like squirrels, chipmunks are common pests in Denton and surrounding areas. Fortunately, our experts understand chipmunk behavior and can remove them from the area so that you have one less thing to worry about. Don’t let chipmunks in the attic (or elsewhere in your home) keep you up at night! Call Trutech and consider it done.

Armadillo Removal

Armadillos can tear up your lawn and garden with their burrowing, making a mess on your property. Call Trutech right away and we’ll work to safely and humanely remove armadillos so that you can once again enjoy your beautiful lawn!

Opossum Trapping

Opossums can get into almost anything, which can make catching them difficult and cumbersome. Before you try to trap an opossum, call Trutech. We’ve worked with homeowners across Denton to help solve their opossum problems, and we’d like to help you, too! Give Trutech a call today and our Denton office opossum-removal experts will come to you with everything needed to help get rid of your opossum problems.

Bird Exclusion

Nesting birds can be a real nuisance. Fortunately, Trutech’s animal behavior experts understand how to properly deal with nesting birds and bird exclusion, so that the things you want to protect from birds remain safe and sound. Call a Trutech bird-removal specialist today and we’ll work with you to help keep birds out so that you can rest easy knowing that the issue is being handled by quickly, safely and humanely.

When to Call an Animal-Removal Professional

Not sure if you need to call an animal-removal pro? The real question you should be asking is what will happen if you continue to do nothing? Even if you only suspect that you have a wildlife problem, like squirrels in the attic or a skunk in the crawlspace, it makes sense to call a wildlife-removal professional to check out the area or survey the damage and determine the best way forward.

At Trutech, we have decades of experience handling all types of wildlife removal problems, Call us today with any questions you may have and we’ll come to you to help solve your wildlife issues. Even if you’ve only seen traces of a wildlife problem (such as their droppings), wild animals generally don’t stray too far from a source of warmth and/or food, so call Trutech today to learn more.


We have highly trained animal control technicians; many are biologists, herpetologists, entomologists, and experts in bat and bird control. We will conduct your wildlife removal service with ease and professionalism, and we will remove any disease-carrying animal from your home or business. We guarantee we will solve the problem, whatever it takes. Click here for a full list of our animal control and removal services.

We service in and around the Denton, Texas area.

  • We have a mission to provide wildlife removal from your property in a humane and ethical manner.
  • We specialize in removing unwanted pests from your home or business.
  • We will also close off potential entry points to prevent animals from re-entering your home.
  • We can remove old insulation that has been tainted by an infestation and install new energy efficient insulation in its place.

Animal Control & Removal

Our technicians are on call 24/7 to respond in the case of a wildlife removal emergency.

Trutech Pledge

Trutech wildlife removal technicians have the best training and education in the business, ensuring expert removal of any pest that has overtaken your Denton, TX, home or business. Each technician is licensed and insured, and most hold bachelor’s degrees in animal sciences. With more than 100 years of combined experience, Trutech staff and specialists are tireless in their dedication to total wildlife removal. We guarantee it.

We employ the most seasoned, battle-tested professionals in the field. They’ve seen every animal control situation imaginable, and responded safely and effectively every time. They will bring this same level of skill and commitment to resolving your issue. Pleasing customers is our top priority, and the job is not done until you are satisfied.

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