Dallas Wildlife Removal and Control

You might think that the stress and anxiety often involved in getting rid of nuisance animals in and around your home is simply an inevitable part of the process, an unfortunate side effect of equally unfortunate circumstances. We here at Trutech want to challenge that way of thinking. Our Dallas wildlife management team specializes in solving all your wildlife needs. We have over a century of collective experience, and our licensed professionals have spent decades helping homeowners just like you solve their animal problems and regain their peace of mind.

Wildlife Control in Dallas-Fort Worth

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Dallas Wildlife Removal Services

Texas has unique and vibrant wildlife that is fun to appreciate from afar, but that appreciation can quickly turn sour when the animals and pests of the wild west find their way into your home and onto your property. When that happens, don’t fret. Reach out to your friendly neighborhood Trutech team! When Dallas’ local professionals are on the case, you never have to settle for temporary results or ineffective outcomes. Tired of trying out different traps and sprays that just never seem to work? Leave the do-it-yourself methods at the door and let our licensed professionals provide you with a quick solution that will keep your home pest-free for the long-term. Whether there are squirrels in your attic that scurry incessantly through the night, or rattlesnakes posing a real danger to you and loved ones, we have the expertise to safely contain, remove, and control for Dallas’ most persistent nuisance animals.

Squirrel Removal

Do you hear the shuffling of squirrels in your attic? It can be difficult to get rid of these little creatures yourself, but Dallas’ Trutech team has years of experience capturing and removing squirrels and other animals from homes. For a solution that lasts, reach out today. See how we can help you.


Rattlesnake Removal

Rattlesnakes are a common sight in Texas, and they may occasionally slither their way into your home. When they do, never try to remove these venomous reptiles yourself. Instead, call your local Trutech team for a removal process that’s safe, swift, and easy. We’ll even implement measures to ensure your Dallas home stays snake-free after we’re gone.


Coyote Removal

When a coyote wanders into an urban area, it can pose a significant risk to pets and people alike. Call your Dallas Trutech team and we’ll make sure that any and all coyotes are successfully removed from your property and the surrounding area. Our wildlife management experts have spent years developing techniques that are effective, quick, and easy, so don’t wait. Talk with one of our professionals today, and see how we can help you.


Armadillo Removal

Armadillos are capable of causing significant damage to property; when they dig their burrows into a home’s foundation or into the surrounding yard, the results are unsightly and sometimes even unsafe. Dallas’ Trutech team has the tools and the experience necessary to ensure a speedy solution to your armadillo problem. Call us today, and our local experts will work with you to make sure your home is protected from these nuisance animals.


Raccoon Removal

Raccoons will not hesitate to enter a residential area if there’s a chance they’ll find food there, and they can be very dangerous. Raccoons can carry disease and will quickly become aggressive if provoked, so if you need to remove them from your property, call Trutech. Our local experts have spent years developing the most efficient capture and removal techniques. For the best wildlife management services in Dallas, reach out today. We’ll get the job done right.


Bobcat Removal

Bobcats are carnivorous wildcats that will make an easy meal out of pets and livestock if presented with the opportunity. Don’t give them the chance. If you see this nuisance animal lingering around your property, call your local Trutech team. Our wildlife management experts have developed cutting-edge methods of safe and effective capture and removal that will keep your property free of this ferocious feline.


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Call Trutech today and our Wildlife Service Technicians will provide a free inspection. Our Trutch Pledge ensures you will receive the highest standard of service. All our control and removal services are according to industry standard and humane practices. Call us today!


Anne Chamberlin


4 months ago

TruTech really is amazing! They do a great job getting rid of pests then preventing them from coming back.

Linda Pate


3 months ago

Always calls before coming. Takes care of business .Very professional. Nice to do business with.

Joy Starr


3 months ago

I appreciate the cooperation between my Trutech Service Rep and myself (homeowner) in coming up with successful decimation of rat problems. I know that the pests are desparate to find sustenence, but I was getting worried how far they would go to get it and for my pets safety as well as my own. Thank you, Mark!

Ursula Post


2 months ago

Chris was great. We had 5 skunks living under our patio. He even came on Saturday and Sunday to empty the traps make sure they were all caught in a humane way.

Linda Robertson


a month ago

Great service! Came out the same day I called. Took care of my yellow jacket nest.

Jim Buncher


3 weeks ago

Although nothing was caught in the traps it appears whatever was under a rock in our front flow bed left the area. The preventative service to seal places where animals might get into our house requited a follow-up call but the promptly remedied the few issues I had.

Bob Gorsky


a week ago

Excellent and responsive service!

Thomas A Damron


a week ago

TruTech readily located my two problems—squirrels and mice—where they had eaten holes on the joints where the roof arcs met. They cleared the nests, chased off the vermin, patched the holes so that they can’t be used again. The follow-up …

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