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Top Critters in Memphis, TN

The state animal of Tennessee is the raccoon, and residents of Memphis experience regular infestations of the pesky animals. Raccoons wander into yards looking for food. During the winter, when temperatures cool, the pests are likely to seek shelter in garages, sheds, and the undersides of decks and porches. The filthy creatures raid garbage cans and pick at the remains of dead animals for sustenance. Due to this unclean behavior, raccoons spread diseases like rabies, salmonella, and leptospirosis.

Memphis residents also have to worry about other unwelcomed critters such as rats, squirrels, and bats in and around their home. Rats sneak their way into homes through small holes or unsealed openings through external walls. Squirrels also enter homes by creating holes and are known to build their nests in the homes attic. When in the attic, they rip up insulation and gnaw on electrical wiring. Squirrels damage lawns in the search for and the burying of nuts. Bats can also find their way into homes through holes the size of quarters and nest in attics. Their droppings support the development of a fungus that causes histoplasmosis.


As a wildlife removal company in Memphis, TN:

  • Our animal control can close off potential entry points to prevent pests such as raccoons and squirrels from re-entering your home or business.
  • Our technicians remove all unwelcome animals from your home. We also have a control technique to help eliminate any unpleasant smells that the animals may have left. Click here for a full list of wildlife removal services.
  • We can remove old insulation that has been tainted by an infestation and we can install new energy efficient insulation in its place.
  • We have a mission to remove animals from your property in an ethical and humane manner.

Our staff and specialists have well over 100 years of combined experience in wildlife control. In fact, many of the experts at Trutech are college educated biologists, herpetologist, entomologists, and bat and bird removal specialists who will conduct your service with care and professionalism.

Animal Control & Removal

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The technicians of Trutech are reliable when it comes to wildlife removal. Most of our animal control professionals have college degrees in the fields of biology, entomology, or herpetology. With years of experience in the industry, our technicians can handle anything from birds to bats. Licensed and insured animal control specialists will resolve your Memphis, TN, home or business wildlife concerns, guaranteed.

At Trutech, we make customer satisfaction our number one priority. Trained, experienced professionals are employed to handle any animal control situation, and our specialists will not stop working until wildlife issues have been resolved. With more than 100 years of experience in the animal control and removal industry, the technicians at Trutech can and will control the wildlife problems at your Memphis, TN, home.

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