Cookeville, Tennessee Wildlife Removal & Control

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Cookeville

No matter where you live in or around Cookeville, including Baxter, Cummins Falls, or around beautiful Pickett State Park, wildlife are an ever-present concern. Whether you’ve got raccoons in your trash or you’ve seen a skunk and aren’t sure how to proceed to get rid of it, give Trutech a call. Our decades of combined experience in all types of wildlife removal means Trutech is your first choice for removing wildlife pests large and small.

Beyond helping residents in and around Cookeville, we also work with governmental organizations and commercial businesses to help prevent wildlife from getting into the building or property. Make Trutech your first choice for wildlife exclusion services in Cookeville!

Bee Control

Have you noticed bees in the attic or found beehives and are worried that things are only going to get worse? It’s understandable to call a bee control professional, since not only can honey bees and carpenter bees be annoying, but they can also cause life-threatening allergic reactions in some people. To help avoid this risk and keep yourself as well as your family safe, call our bee control specialists at Trutech. We’ll perform bee exclusion to keep bees from coming back so that you won’t need to worry!

Snake Removal

There are several species of venomous snakes that call Cookeville and surrounding areas home. If you’re worried about snakes hiding in or around your home and you want them gone, call Trutech. We can safely and effectively remove all types of snakes, including venomous snakes, so you can relax. We can also take steps to perform snake exclusion to prevent them from getting back into your home or other space. Give our trained, professional wildlife removal experts a call and let us handle all your snake removal needs!

Squirrel Removal

In and around Cookeville, the most common types of squirrels are the eastern grey and flying squirrels. If these critters have gotten into your house, roof, or basement, give Trutech a call and let us help! You may not even see them, but you hear scratching and chewing in the walls. Let our insured, certified, and licensed wildlife removal professionals come to investigate the squirrel removal issue promptly and courteously, with the reliability and superior service you demand from a Cookeville wildlife removal service!

Skunk Removal

Have you noticed a strong smell in your yard or home? Discovered funnel-shaped holes in your yard? You could have a skunk. Skunks can get into almost anything, but you should definitely avoid trapping them or trying to catch them on your own. Instead, give Trutech a call and let our skunk removal team in Cookeville handle the problem. We can take steps to remove the skunk, as well as clean and sanitize the affected area if a skunk has sprayed, to help remove the smell.

Raccoon Removal

Have you noticed raccoons going through your trash or on your porch? Has a raccoon gotten into your house and you’re not sure how to proceed? Give our reliable wildlife removal experts a call about all your raccoons problems and let us come to you with all the tools, training, and knowledge needed to safely perform raccoon removal.

At Trutech, our experts understand nuisance animal removal and many of our staff have backgrounds and advanced specializations in wildlife and animal behavior. This allows us to take steps to not only remove the offending animal, but also repair the damage they’ve done or take care of exclusion services to prevent them from coming back.

If you’re concerned about wild animals and other pests getting into your home, tearing up your lawn, or leaving holes in your garden, calling Trutech’s Cookeville wildlife removal service is a smart idea. We also offer emergency services for when you suddenly discover a wild animal in your home. Don’t waste money on traps, deterrents, or baits that can exacerbate the problem. Call Trutech today and let our certified professionals take care of all your wildlife woes!

When Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Professional?

If you’re concerned about wildlife on your property or you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to keep out nuisance pests, give our wildlife removal professionals in Cookeville a call today. Even if you only notice tracks, droppings, or other tell-tale signs of wildlife, it’s worth having the experts at Trutech come to investigate the issue so that we can safely remove the animal and formulate a plan to prevent them from coming back.

Don’t wait until you have a full-scale infestation on your hands! Call us today to learn more about our dedicated Cookeville wildlife removal services!


As a wildlife removal company in Cookeville, TN:
• We are experts in ethical and humane bat control, bird removal, and more.
• We specialize in removing unwanted wildlife from your home or business. Click here for a full list of our animal control and removal services.
• We have wildlife removal technicians who will close off potential entry points to keep pests from re-entering your house.
• Our animal control replaces old insulation that may have been soiled or damaged by an infestation with new, energy efficient insulation.

Animal Control & Removal

Our technicians are on call to respond in the case of an animal control emergency.

Trutech Pledge

The technicians of Trutech are reliable when it comes to wildlife removal. Most of our animal control professionals have college degrees in the fields of biology, entomology, or herpetology. With years of experience in the industry, our technicians can handle anything from birds to bats. Licensed and insured animal control specialists will resolve your Cookeville, TN, home or business wildlife concerns, guaranteed.

At Trutech, we make customer satisfaction our number one priority. Trained, experienced professionals are employed to handle any animal control situation, and our specialists will not stop working until wildlife issues have been resolved. With more than 100 years of experience in the animal control and removal industry, the technicians at Trutech can and will control the wildlife problems at your Cookeville, TN, home.

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