Charleston Wildlife Removal and Control

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: an invasion of pests, an infiltration of rodents, animals finding their way into the nooks and crannies of the place you live. The experience can feel more than a little overwhelming, like a bad dream, but your Charleston Trutech team is here to help you make your wildlife problems nothing more than a distant memory. Trutech’s local professionals specialize in all of your wildlife management needs. We’ve been around for over 30 years, and our team members have a century’s worth of knowledge under their belts. That means we bring more expertise to the table that we can use to support you.

Our techniques are some of the best in the business. Innovative and passionate about our work, we strive to stay ahead of the curve, developing the latest and greatest methods for capture and control in order to provide customers with the unbeatable service they deserve. As your local Trutech team, we have a thorough understanding of Charleston’s wildlife, and our solutions are specific to the animals that live here. We also want the work we do to promote the continued health of all creatures, big and small; that’s why Trutech champions only the most ethical methods of capture, control, and removal.

Our solutions are also designed to have a negligible impact on Charleston’s vibrant ecosystem, because a healthy environment is a thriving environment. Our customers want their wildlife problems solved as quickly as possible, and we get that, which is why Trutech immediately gets started on a solution from the moment our experts knock on your door. Even better, before we leave, we implement precautionary measures that will safeguard your home in the long-term. So, don’t let animals and pests take over your home. Give Trutech a call, and we’ll take care of you.

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Charleston Wildlife Removal Services

Did you recently go outside to tend to your prize-winning garden, only to find that it was almost completely stripped bare of vegetation? You could have a groundhog problem. Are mounds of dirt suddenly popping up all over your yard? It might very well be moles! When these and other nuisance animals become a menace to your home and property, you might be tempted to solve the problem yourself. However, without the right tools and expertise, you could be investing time and money into an ineffectual solution. Instead of boobytrapping your home in the hopes you might deter animals and pests, call Charleston’s Trutech team. We can guarantee results that last. Our solutions are quick and easy, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Plus, our solutions last even after we leave. From snakes to squirrels, we have specific methods or capture and control that are proven to work.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are delightful little creatures… until they wind up inside of your house. Our local team of professionals can provide you with cutting-edge capture and control services that guarantee you a squirrel-free home long after we’re gone. If you need a speedy solution that will last, don’t hesitate. Call Trutech today.


Snake Removal

Finding a snake in your home can be a jarring experience, and if that snake happens to be venomous, attempts to capture it yourself can be very dangerous. Charleston’s professional Trutech team is well-equipped to provide a quick and permanent solution. Reach out to our licensed professionals today. We’ll safely remove snakes from your home (and make sure they stay out).


Coyote Removal

If you have pets or small children, spotting a coyote on or near your property can be particularly alarming. Charleston’s Trutech team can grant you the peace of mind you deserve. We take measures to ensure that all coyotes are safely and quickly removed from an area and that they stay away when we’re gone. If you have a coyote problem, you need people with decades of collective experience and a passion for helping others. You need Trutech.


Mole Removal

There’s nothing a mole loves more than to tunnel underground in search of food. Unfortunately, farmlands and yards are especially attractive places for them to explore, and moles can quickly damage the landscape as dirt and debris are excavated and piled haphazardly all over the surface. To capture and remove moles, you need the knowledge and expertise of local professionals. Trutech has spent years developing the best wildlife management methods in all of Charleston. If you have a mole problem, call today. We want to help.


Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs, or woodchucks, will eat any and all vegetation near their dens, to the disgruntlement of gardeners and farmers alike. Though you may be tempted to remove them from an area yourself, groundhogs can carry parasites and may attack if cornered. That’s why, when you’ve got a groundhog problem, Charleston’s Trutech team is the one to call. Our techniques are unmatched in their efficiency; if you want to capture and control services that are safe, swift, and ethical, our local experts have got you covered.


Beaver Removal

The beaver, as vital as it can be to a thriving ecosystem, can quickly become a nuisance animal when its dam-building causes flooding and disrupts the native species in the area. If you’re looking to remove beavers from a location yourself, you might have to obtain a permit, and even then, these creatures can be difficult to control for without the right tools and experience. Avoid the hassle and call Charleston’s Trutech team of certified and licensed professionals instead. We’ve spent years dealing with beavers and other animals, and we have the best methods for safe and humane capture and control.


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