Rhode Island Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Services

Animal Control, Removal, Trapping & Exclusion Services in RI

Whether you have a historic home or something a bit newer home, one thing will be the same. You definitely don’t want to deal with nuisance wildlife removal in Rhode Island. Forget “authentic” or “historically accurate.” No one wants to have an old drafty house with bugs or rodents flowing in and out. Not now and not in the past — they just didn’t have a Trutech team to call on back in the day. But now you do!  You need a team of local, trained, qualified experts. We are that team!

Call your wildlife removal experts when you’re ready for the professionals to come in and take care of your squirrels, marmots, rats, bats, mice, skunks, birds, and all those stinging and swarming insects. When there’s a porcupine chewing on the wooden support beams, something making noises in the rafters, or something rooting around in the garbage bins, it’s time to take action. Ideally, fast action.

Don’t let the problem linger and fester. You need fast and effective pest removal services in Rhode Island, particularly in Providence. Right here in your backyard. We know the area and we know how to manage the nuisance wildlife removal in Rhode Island. It’s time to bring in the pest control experts so you don’t have to deal with the situation alone. Just pick up the phone and we do the rest.

Trutech has local teams ready to be dispatched to your property for removal of dead animals, trapping and control services, and exclusion and repair to prevent future infestation. Let Trutech be your team of experts because we know the tactics that work best for pest removal in Rhode Island.

Areas Served

Rhode Island has much to be proud of, our very founding was a chance to take a stand and build something new and different. Over the centuries, we have grown and maintained that spirit of strength and creativity. We have some of the oldest villages, cemeteries, churches, libraries, monuments, and towns in New England. The Ocean State is full of creative capital and we are so pleased to call Rhode Island home.

You could love Providence and Rhode Island for so many reasons. Providence’s many unique neighborhoods are just waiting to be discovered. From ocean vistas to colonial heritage, our state packs a punch above our weight as far as reasons-per-square-mile for delight. Some call us “fun-sized,” but we are definitely just-the-right-sized for living the good life.

We love Providence and we bet you do, too! Life is good in Rhode Island. We, humans, thrive pretty well here. Unfortunately, so does a lot of nuisance wildlife. The Trutech service pledge covers Providence, Rhode Island.  Let Trutech help you keep the wildlife on the outside so you don’t have to share the inside.

Top Nuisance Wildlife by Season in Rhode Island

If you live in the State of Rhode Island, you’ve probably experienced problems with at least some of the following wildlife pests. There’s “weather” and then there’s weather in the northeast. The seasons can vary widely and it’s likely that your pest problems are somewhat seasonal as the pests deal with the changes. We’ve noticed an increase of support calls for help with the following animals in different seasons:

Fall – RatsSquirrelsFlying SquirrelsChipmunks, Marmots, BeaversMiceVoles, Muskrats, Porcupines

Winter – RatsSquirrelsFlying SquirrelsChipmunks, Marmots, BeaversMiceVoles, Muskrats, Porcupines

Spring – BatsSkunksStinging Insects, Snakes

Summer – BatsSkunksStinging Insects, Snakes

The Trutech Pledge

Our customers deserve the most professional and effective animal control services available. Trutech has technicians with degrees in biology, entomology (bugs), and herpetology (snakes) as well as expert chiropterists (bet you didn’t know that’s what a bat expert is called) and ornithologists (birds).

Our technicians bring more than a century of combined experience to your Rhode Island home or business and solving your wildlife removal and pest exclusion needs is our only goal. If you have an animal problem, we’ve seen it — and solved it — before. We never quit and our job isn’t done until your animal control problem is removed.

You can depend on our licensed and insured technicians to strategically assess, completely remove, and provide a long-term solution for your Rhode Island wildlife problems. Total customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome. We believe it so strongly, we guarantee it.