Tulsa, Oklahoma Wildlife Removal & Control

Snakes, bats, armadillos… all of these common wildlife nuisances can be a headache for Tulsa homeowners. Fortunately, one call to Trutech is all it takes to make your pest problems a thing of the past. We specialize in wildlife removal and pest exclusion of all types, from larger animals like armadillos to smaller animals like bats and rats.

Wildlife Control in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to a variety of wild animals, including potentially dangerous ones like raccoons and snakes. Let us put our decades of experience in wildlife removal to work for you and help you prevent future nuisance wildlife issues.

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Raccoon Removal

Getting rid of raccoons is easy when you’ve got Trutech on your side. Our experienced wildlife removal professionals understand how to safely and effectively remove raccoons from your home or property. If you see raccoon damage, don’t panic - just give Trutech a call and our Tulsa wildlife removal professionals will come to you with everything needed for raccoon removal.

Bat Exclusion

Preventing bats from getting easy entry into your attic or shed is a solid first step toward solving your bat problem. But only a true wildlife removal professional can help you deal with bat damage and perform proper bat exclusion. If you’ve seen bat droppings or other tell-tale signs of a bat infestation, call Trutech right away. Even if you only suspect a bat problem, we can come to you and take steps to help make your bat problems a thing of the past.

Armadillo Removal

Have you spotted armadillo damage in your garden or lawn? Found an armadillo burrowing around your home? Trust Trutech to take care of armadillo removal in a way that’s safe and humane, so you can enjoy your lawn or garden again! We understand armadillo behavior and can quickly remove the animal before it does more damage.

Snake Removal

Being concerned about venomous snakes is an understandable worry for many Tulsa homeowners. One call to Trutech will help you rest easy. Our wildlife removal professionals are experts in snake removal, helping you not only get rid of snakes but keep them from coming out. Proper snake exclusion is essential to preventing a snake problem, so trust Trutech to make sure the job is done right!

Opossum Trapping

Opossum trapping may seem simple, on the surface, but oftentimes simply relocating the animals isn’t enough. Most opossum deterrents actually do little to deter the creatures, which is why you need to give Trutech a call if you have an opossum in your home or suspect an opossum. We can quickly come to your home or office for opossum removal and help you take steps to prevent it from coming back, so you can rest easy!


Squirrels are a very pesky animal, known to cause much damage to homes and their attic areas, Trutech’s professional wildlife removal technicians will remove the squirrels from the attic area of your home in the Tulsa Area and then make all the needed repairs to keep them out for good!

When to Call an Animal Removal Professional

Many people wait to call a wildlife removal professional until they actually see the offending animal, but by then it may be too late. Wildlife can cause damage to your home and property, which is why even if you suspect a wild animal or notice unusual droppings, it’s worth giving our Tulsa wildlife removal office a call and letting us check it out.

Our wildlife behavior experts are here for you, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get your wildlife removal problems solved quickly and easily with Trutech.


We have highly trained animal control technicians. Many who are trained biologists, herpetologists, entomologists, and experts in bat removal and bird control. We will conduct your animal removal and control service with ease and professionalism. Our services will remove any disease-carrying animal or wildlife from your Tulsa home. We guarantee we will solve the animal control problem, whatever it takes. As an animal control and animal removal company in Tulsa, OK:

  • We have a mission to provide animal control and wildlife removal from your Tulsa property in a humane and ethical manner.
  • Animal control specializes in removing unwanted animals from your home or business.
  • Animal removal also closes off potential entry points to prevent animals from re-entering your home or business.
  • We can remove old insulation that has been soiled and damaged by an animal infestation and install new energy efficient insulation in its place.

Animal Control & Removal

Trutech’s Wildlife Service Technicians ensure the safety of both people and wildlife with the humane and ethical removal of wildlife in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Exclusion and Prevention Services

Repair and Restoration Caused by Wildlife

Dead Animal Removal

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Our staff of experts can be trusted to handle local wildlife, as well as bird or bat issues. We have college educated biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists, as well as specially trained staff to handle even your trickiest issues. With more than 100 years of combined experience in wildlife removal, our technicians will not stop until the pests plaguing your Tulsa, OK, home or business have. That’s a guarantee. Trutech values customer satisfaction. Our trained and licensed staff, with more than 100 years of combined experience, will not stop working until your wildlife issues have been resolved. We’re so confident in our removal expertise, we promise to handle your animal control problems with care and precision at your Tulsa, OK, home or business.

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Linda Williams


6 months ago

I am so grateful that Trutech found the bats and where they were entering the house. It's a dirty nasty job and they were so professional and thorough about it. They cleaned all of the bat droppings and sanitized the attic, fixed the hole …

William Cunningham


a year ago

Trutech helped rid us of squirrels in our attic quickly and at a reasonable price. They always showed up when they said they would and provided documented follow-up after each visit. I highly recommend Trutech.

Matt Stewart


a year ago

Very professional and prompt service. It was more expensive than I expected, but the TruTech was very thorough. I appreciated the daily reports and updates.

Donna Rennhack


5 months ago

Very nice guy & very knowledgeable.

L Smith


4 months ago

They are a great company. So far they have been excellent. The tech does exactly what he says & answers his calls. They show up on time & take care of the issue. I would highly recommend this company.

Kathleen Lucy


2 months ago

Cody is excellent. He treats inside and out and is very receptive to any problem I’m having.

Ari Rotenberg


2 months ago

They took care of my after-hours emergency bat-removal services with great success and the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend them for any critter-related needs!

Amanda Hendrickson


a month ago

Rescued me from my "monster" within an hour of the initial phone call. Fast, efficient, humane and courteous.

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