Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Wildlife Removal & Control

A suburb of Tulsa, the city of Broken Arrow is well connected thanks to the Broken Arrow Expressway, and for good reason too! Whether you’re visiting to stop in Green Country or permanently living there because of the rich history and charming natural sites, you know that there’s so much to love about being in Broken Arrow. Sadly, nuisance wildlife loves being here, too.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Broken Arrow

Luckily, wildlife removal is no hassle in Broken Arrow because Trutech has the necessary local knowledge and presence to provide efficient, quick, and safe wildlife exclusion services. Whether you need emergency, commercial, or business attention, wildlife exclusion services are just a call away, at any time of day. Our team will come to your home to assess the situation, remove any nuisance wildlife, and perform exclusion services to keep wildlife from getting back into your home. After all, your home deserves to be a safe, personal, and healthy environment. Don’t let nuisance wildlife ruin that! Trutech’s animal control technicians and wildlife removal services work to efficiently and safely solve the most common and toughest of wildlife problems. Tired of searching for the best animal removal in Broken Arrow? Look no further than Trutech, your trusted, professional wildlife exclusion service provider.

Squirrel Removal

While they may be cute from afar in the park, squirrels are anything but cute once they’ve invaded your home. Squirrels can cause great damage once they’ve found a home in your attic, chimney, and walls. Prevent this squirrel damage by giving Trutech a call! Trutech will perform squirrel exclusion to ensure the safety of your house and health.

Mouse Control

While mouse traps may work every now and then, they still do your health and home harm. With each mouse in your home, more disease is spread and more spaces are contaminated. Leave the risk to the professionals, and call Trutech for your mouse problems today! Our mouse control procedure will rid and sanitize areas affected by the infestations in order to keep mice out for good!

Bat Control

Bats may be beneficial for insect control, but be wary, they are also common carriers of disease and can cause serious damage to the structure of your house. If you suspect that bats are in your attic, chimney, or trees, give Trutech a call! Our team will safely perform bat removal from your property in order to ensure that your home and health are not harmed.

Snake Control

Snakes with triangular shaped heads tend to be venomous, but who wants to get close enough to find out? Trutech will! If you spy a snake slither into your yard or home, call Trutech. Trutech takes away your worries by performing snake control in order to prevent any dangerous encounters and future infestations. Avoid serious health risks and give Trutech a call today!

Raccoon Removal

Keep raccoons out of your trash can and home with the help of Trutech. Raccoons pose a serious health hazard as they can carry many diseases, which no one wants throughout their home! Luckily, Trutech’s raccoon exclusion services will safely and efficiently rid your home of these disease-ridden foragers. If you hear or see signs of a raccoon in your attic, roof, or trash, be sure to give Trutech a call!

When to Call an Animal Removal Professional

Do you suspect the presence of nuisance wildlife? Don’t let home become a hazard. Act on any signs of nuisance wildlife by calling Trutech before a few critters become an entire infestation. Our wildlife removal team has years of experience, and our professional technicians offer the best wildlife removal services in all of Broken Arrow. With this extensive experience, Trutech’s nuisance wildlife removal team has perfected the skills needed to best understand your needs. Let Trutech solve your wildlife problems, ease your mind, and keep you safe for years to come. Trutech is also local to the Broken Arrow area, so after business hours calls are always welcome. Need emergency wildlife removal? Call Trutech, no matter the time. Find a dead animal in your home? Call Trutech, we will remove the dead animal and work to prevent any other unwanted wildlife. The longer you wait to call an animal removal professional like Trutech, the greater the hazard you pose to your health and home. Trutech can help prevent wildlife hazards with ease, so why not give us a call? Our nuisance wildlife removal team is always ready to help keep you, your home, family, and pets safe from pesky critters.


We have highly trained animal control technicians. Many who are trained biologists, herpetologists, entomologists, and experts in bat removal and bird control. We will conduct your animal removal and control service with ease and professionalism. Our services will remove any disease-carrying animal or wildlife from your Broken Arrow home. We guarantee we will solve the animal control problem, whatever it takes. As an animal control and animal removal company in Broken Arrow, OK:

  • We have a mission to provide animal control and wildlife removal from your Broken Arrow property in a humane and ethical manner.
  • Animal control specializes in removing unwanted animals from your home or business.
  • Animal removal also closes off potential entry points to prevent animals from re-entering your home or business.
  • We can remove old insulation that has been soiled and damaged by an animal infestation and install new energy efficient insulation in its place.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal control and animal removal technicians are on call 24/7 to respond to a call in the case of an animal control emergency. Some of the animals that we deal with on a daily bases and are experienced in providing service in are:

Snake Removal: Snake removal in this area of Oklahoma is a very common call; we get a lot of calls for many different types of snakes. Oklahoma has several Venomous snakes and great care should be taken when removing these animals from your home. Give our experts a call today!

Raccoon Removal: Raccoons are one of the most aggressive animals in the state of Oklahoma, they are known to carry several different types of disease, great care should be used when dealing with this aggressive animal in the Broken Arrow area.

Squirrel Removal: Squirrels are a very pesky animal, known to cause much damage to homes and their attic areas, Trutech’s professional wildlife removal technicians will remove the squirrels from the attic area of your home in the Broken Arrow Area and then make all the needed repairs to keep them out for good!

Rat Removal/Mice Removal: This area of Oklahoma is known to have excessive amounts of rodents such as Rats and Mice. Rats and Mice are will inhabit homes and buildings in the Broken Arrow area. we are the professionals at rat exclusions and rat control in the entire Broken Arrow, OK area. Some of the rats we have noticed problems with is roof rats and norway rats. Give us a call today to have your rat problem addressed.

Bat Removal: Calls for bat removal is very common in the Broken Arrow, OK area, with the large amounts of water that is surrounding all areas of Oklahoma, this area is very active for bats, and there are several types of bats in the area that will take up residence in the attic area of homes and buildings. Give us a call to schedule one of our trained wildlife removal professionals to inspect your home today!

Trutech Pledge

Our staff of experts can be trusted to handle local wildlife, as well as bird or bat issues. We have college educated biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists, as well as specially trained staff to handle even your trickiest issues. With more than 100 years of combined experience in wildlife removal, our technicians will not stop until the pests plaguing your Broken Arrow, OK, home or business have. That’s a guarantee.

Trutech values customer satisfaction. Our trained and licensed staff, with more than 100 years of combined experience, will not stop working until your wildlife issues have been resolved. We’re so confident in our removal expertise, we promise to handle your animal control problems with care and precision at your Broken Arrow, OK, home or business.

Service Area

Also serving these neighborhoods near Broken Arrow: Beggs, Bixby, Catoosa, Claremore, Collinsville, Coweta, Fair Oaks, Glenpool, Haskell, Inola, Jenks, Kellyville, Kiefer, Liberty, Lotsee, Mounds, Muskogee, New Tulsa, Owasso, Porter, Red Bird, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Skiatook, Sperry, Taft, Tullahassee, Tulsa, Turley, Valley Park, Wagoner, Winchester, OK.


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Josh Reese from Trutech was an absolute professional and dedicated technician. He always kept the schedule of the removals and completion of the repairs of the damage. He provided information that we needed to know about the process. Our family would give him 10 stars if we could and we were truly blessed to have met him

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