Wildlife Removal in Asheville

Asheville is situated in a unique place. Situated in the middle of the Southern Appalachians, some of the oldest mountains in the United States, surrounded by forests and crisscrossed with rivers, Western North Carolina is home to over 400 vertebrate species.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems.

Our Integrated Wildlife and Pest Control programs aim to humanely remove and prevent any future intrusions. We provide full home exclusions in which we repair and restore your home from the damage caused by the animal(s).

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Inspection & Wildlife Removal

Every unique animal problem begins with an initial inspection. Our Wildlife Consultant will investigate the property for signs of wildlife. Our Wildlife Consultant creates and implements a custom wildlife program to solve your pest animal problems.

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Animal Proofing Your Home

Once the animal has safely been removed, it is important to prevent any future animal intruders. Habitat modifications and home exclusions are two of the most effective and humane methods to keep animals out of your home.

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Animal Damage Repair

Once your home is secure, it is vital to restore your home. Wild animals do not make the best house guests. Trutech offers services to repair the damage, close entry points, and disinfect affected areas.

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Nuisance Wildlife in Asheville

Most wildlife in Western North Carolina avoid humans, but buildings provide food and shelter. Wildlife in your home is not safe for you or the animal. Trutech provides humane and effective solutions to remove the animal from your home and property.

Signs of Wildlife

  • Unusual noises in mornings or at night
  • Unpleasant aromas
  • Damage to the outside of your home
  • Debris in house
  • Rub Marks/Paw Prints
  • Animal runs around property

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons inhabit all parts of the state, tend to stay near a reliable source of water, and are comfortable in urban areas. Raccoons can wreak havoc trying to gain entry to your home and cause significant damage creating a den in your attic. They can cause a mess of garbage and destroy home gardens and bird feeders. Because they are nocturnal, you’ll most likely hear a loud thumbing at night if you have an attic.

Live trapping is the most common removal technique and exclusion techniques include securing food sources and closing any entry points.

Squirrel Removal

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The eastern gray squirrel is the most common and adopted as the state mammal in 1969. Southern Appalchia is also home to both Southern and Northern Flying Squirrels.

Squirrels are active during the day so you might hear squealing, running, or gnawing early in the morning. Squirrels' teeth never stop growing so they constantly gnaw and chew damaging attic insulation, fraying electrical wire, and destroying house structures.

Squirrels can impact your quality of life. They are active from dawn to dusk. The most common sign of squirrels is the sound of scurrying early in the morning.

To effectively remove squirrels, the wildlife technician will employ a variety of tactics such as live trapping, one-way doors, deterrents, and direct capture.


Rodent Pest Control


If you hear scraping sounds in the walls or you see droppings, it’s a good idea to call Trutech. 

Total mice removal takes more than a few mouse traps. Because rats can up to six litters a year consisting of eight to eighteen pups, effective rodent control requires proper rodent population control and prevention.

The standard mouse trapping duration is normally 5-14 days. We will evaluate the extent of the rodent infestation. We’ll remove the mice and perform mouse exclusion services to prevent them from coming back into your home or office.


Armadillo Control

armadillo outside

Armadillos present little danger to people. The greatest danger they pose is to your landscaping. Controlling the animal can protect your lawn and garden and the integrity of structures like decks and driveways on your property.

Capturing an armadillo with a live trap can be difficult. Habitat modification and exclusions are extremely effective in removing armadillos from your lawn. Water your garden beds in the morning because armadillos prefer loose soil. Armadillos are nocturnal, and the soil will have dried out by the mid-afternoon.

Bat Removal

bat Removal

Bats serve as important pollinators and are the only major predator of night-flying insects. Of the seventeen bat species in North Carolina, three are Federally protected.

Bats are relatively long lived (20-30 years) and some species return to the same roost year after year. A bat problem in your attic could last decades. Bat guano is the surest sign you have bats and the greatest risk to your health. A large accumulation of guano can lead to structural issues and spread two fungal diseases.

The best way to get rid of bats is with a one way bat valve. Generally, bat maternity season ends on August 1st and it is possible to humanely remove the bast.

Snake Control


North Carolina only has six venomous snakes, but there are only two venomous snakes native in Western Carolina.

A snake enters a home looking for food. If you need snake removal in Ashville, you likely have rats or mice in your house too.

Not only will Trutech safely remove the snake but also the technician will inspect for any other pest animals. Once all wildlife has been removed, we'll prevent any future pest animal infestations.


Skunk and Opossum Control

Opossum Family

Skunks and opossums typically enter yards in search for food and a safe place to nest. Sheds and porches make ideal burrowing locations which can lead to structural damage. Opossums will also enter garages to nest.

Neither animal is prone to aggression. The greatest threat from a skunk comes from its spray. To avoid a skunk’s spray rely on professional handling and skunk trapping. Removing food supplies is one of the most effective ways to prevent a skunk from entering your property. Opossums pose the greatest threat to your garden, but they will eat almost anything. Opossums do carry diseases so do not approach them haphazardly.

Aquatic Animal Controls


Rivers, lakes, creeks, and streams crisscross Asheville and Western North Carolina making it an ideal environment for beavers and otters.

Beaver dams create thriving ecosystems, but nuisance beavers also cause flooding in residential areas and on public lands. Beavers are extremely diligent workers and will continue causing issues until they are removed from the property.

Otters can become a nuisance if they have a detrimental effect on fish populations.

The process typically takes 10-14 days.

Chipmunk Control

chipmunk on a rock

Chipmunks pose no real danger to human. They rarely enter homes but will explore basements and crawlspaces for food. The more pressing threat is damage to lawns and gardens. Their burrows are quite extensive that include areas for sleeping, storing food, defecating, and give birth.

There are all sorts of chipmunk repellents, deterrents, and baits on the market, but these do little to truly get rid of chipmunks.

You need a much more robust and dedicated plan to get rid of these pests To keep chipmunks away from homes and gardens, cover vulnerable areas with hardware cloth or wire mesh and seal any cracks or holes along exterior walls.

Moving bird feeders away from homes also discourages chipmunks from burrowing near human dwellings. The odor of moth balls may also repel the rodents.

When Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Specialist?

The best time to call a wildlife removal company in Asheville is at the first signs of nuisance wildlife.

While an animal is left unattended in your attic, crawlspace, basement, or in your walls, they are damaging your home and ruining your quality of life.

Before you set a trap to catch wildlife in your home, ask yourself:

    1. Are you prepared to kill the trapped animal?
    2. Do you know how to properly dispose of an animal carcass?
    3. Do you know how to release a trapped animal?
    4. Do you know what bait should be used to ensure you catch the targeted species?
    5. Do you know how frequently you must check a trap set to capture wildlife?

Why Choose a Trutech for Your Wildlife Removal Company

Trutech Wildlife Technicians are equipped to handle any nuisance wildlife in your home or business. They will safely remove any attic invaders like raccoons, rats, mice, and squirrels and protect your lawn from skunks, opossums, chipmunks, and armadillos.

Trutech can also protect your lawn and home from stinging insects like wasps, hornets, bees, mosquitos, and fire ants.

When you call our Asheville wildlife removal team, we come to you with all the tools and expertise needed to determine the problem and take steps to solve the problem. We can repair some of the damage caused by wild animals, including nest removal, feces removal, and dead animal removal, to name a few.

When you work with the wildlife removal professionals at Trutech, you can feel confident that the job is being done right. We handle pests large and small, dangerous and docile, so you can reclaim your home, lawn, garden, and more from common pests and nuisance animals in Western North Carolina.



Our wildlife removal technicians are there to perform the best job possible; we strive to provide this service in the most ethical and humane way. As an expert animal control company with care for your home or business in Asheville, NC:

  • We remove all unwelcome wildlife from your home. We also have an odor control technique to eliminate any unpleasant smells.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We can close off potential entry points to prevent animals from re-entering your home or business.
  • We do not work with subcontractors for Animal Control. We only work with our trained wildlife removal experts.
  • We also eliminate honeybees and other stinging pests from your home or business. Click here for a full list of our animal control and removal services..

Animal Control & Removal

Our wildlife control specialists are trained to handle any type of nuisance wildlife in your home or on your property.

Please no cats or dogs. Contact the local animal control in Asheville

Asheville Animal Services 828-252-1110

Buncombe County Animal Control 828-250-6670

Trutech Pledge

When you contact Trutech, you can feel the confidence that comes with choosing a staff backed by over 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry. Your Asheville home or business is safe in the hands of our college-educated biologists, entomologists, herpetologists, and experts on bat removal and bird control. These licensed and insured wildlife removal specialists have the extensive knowledge and training required to handle all of your animal control needs, no matter how challenging. Additionally, when you choose Trutech, you also receive our personal guarantee. We promise that our staff and wildlife removal technicians will not stop until your animal control issues are resolved. Whatever wildlife problem your Asheville home is facing, the century of combined experience behind our skilled specialists means that we can resolve it effectively every time.

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Jim Hamilton


a year ago

Joe, of Trutech, was great. I had a bat problem on my back deck. He was able to seal off the area where they would hang out and provide them a one way door to exit should any bats still be hanging around. After a few days he returned to remove the door. I have not seen any evidence of returning bats. I would recommend them highly for any critter or wildlife issue.

Bill Bass


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Joe quickly found our squirrel problem and took care of it. Joe is very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. Outstanding service and I recommend Joe completely.

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Prompt, friendly, professional service. Joe is great. He kept us informed, explained process, and did a fine job getting rid of our flying squirrel problem. Thank you.

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Sarah Workman


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The techs from TruTech have always done a great job at my house for pest control. They answer my questions and have been polite and creative about resolving the issues that have arisen.

Jack Appel


10 months ago

We purchased an older home that had not been occupied for a year. It had multiple issues re: mice, snake skins and possibly flying squirrels. Our service rep responded quickly and clearly explained what needed repairs were required. We have continued monitoring but within one week our problems seem behind us. Excellent responsive, professional service!

Patti Elledge


7 months ago

I called several wildlife removal companies to talk and get estimates. I am SO glad I chose TruTech! Joe was so great. Very reliable and really knows his stuff, with a background in biology. I’d hire him any day over the local competitors. Thanks so much for solving my issue, Joe!

Stephanie Marino


2 years ago

Trutech was able to solve the wild animal issue we had in the attic and they were able to seal everything up! I am very pleased with not only the repairs but also the on-going service we have to keep things under control. I would highly recommend them for anyone dealing with an animal or bug issue.

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Adam was professional, efficient, and kept me informed as to his schedule to begin and complete the job. Very happy with him and the company. Thank you Adam.

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Tru Tech was very prompt in coming out when I contacted them about raccoons in my attic. They appeared knowledgeable and hopefully have solved the problem!

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Pleased with the monthly service I have received. The only problem I have experienced is the billing process. Your account is past due before you get a bill.

Jennifer Packard


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These guys did a fantastic and thorough job helping us with creature issues in a very old house. Adam did a great initial inspection and Aaron has been diligent and so great about communicating with me throughout the process.

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Adam was great! He got a cat, a skunk and a possum! Very impressed with service!

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The personnel were courteous and knowledgeable. That did an excellent job in making us free of our groundhog and skink problems under our back deck. I highly recommend this company.

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We were using Terminix and had a terrible problem with a Bee infestation in our home. Terminix would do nothing about it so we called Trutech. They came promptly and dealt with it. It was terrible. We had over 300 bees in our house swarming through a chimney. Thanks to Trutech it was solved. They got rid of the bees and sealed the chimney. Since then we have used Trutech exclusively and dropped Terminix totally

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I contracted with TrueTech Wildlife Services to take care of a Raccoon problem that we had around the exterior of our property. The Company was excellent and, most especially, their Technician, Aaron Wilson, was superb!! He was extremely skilled, professional, diligent and personable. In less than a week our problems were fully resolved. He/they met and far exceeded my expectations.

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