Aberdeen, North Carolina Wildlife Removal & Control 

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Aberdeen 

No matter where you live in the Aberdeen area, including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, or other communities like Whispering Pines, Triangle, or Pinehurst, the wildlife removal team at Trutech can help solve your nuisance animal issues. From bees to squirrels, bats to snakes, and more, there’s no shortage of wildlife in and around the Aberdeen area, which is why it’s so important to have a team of trusted, certified, and insured wildlife removal experts on your side. 

At Trutech, we handle all types of wildlife, large and small. Whether they’re in your roof or soffit, in your attic or elsewhere in or around your home, count on our highly-skilled wildlife removal team in Aberdeen to uncover even hiding pests and help perform wildlife exclusion to keep them from returning. 

Stinging Insects: Bee Control 

Bees often build their hives in high places, and your attic can be the perfect spot. If you’ve found bees (or their hives) in the attic or elsewhere in your home, or you have a problem with honey bees or carpenter bees, call Trutech. We can help with bee control in Aberdeen by coming to you and safely performing exclusion services to keep the bees from coming back. Call Trutech and let us solve your bee control problem! 

Bat Removal 

Bats are a common sight in the evening hours and throughout the night in Aberdeen. But if they’ve gotten into your house or attic, or even in your roof or soffit, it’s time to call Trutech. We have the tools and knowledge needed to safely remove wildlife, including bats, as well as help prevent them from coming back. Don’t let a bat removal problem go on unattended, or else you will soon have a bat infestation to deal with!  

Squirrel Removal 

Both the Flying Squirrel and Eastern Grey Squirrel are common sights in Aberdeen and surrounding areas. But if they get into your house, you’ll know about it quickly. Their constant scratching and chewing, not to mention finding them in the roof or basement means you need the extensive experience of wildlife removal professionals in Aberdeen to catch them. Let our proven experts help solve your squirrel removal problem so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of these common critters! 

Rat Control 

Hearing scratching noises in the wall? Noticing poop or droppings in odd places? You may have a rat problem. Like squirrels and bats, rats can get into almost anything, and once they’re in, they can multiply like wildfire. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable, trustworthy wildlife removal team on your side. Many Aberdeen residents recommend Trutech’s proven rat removal process over buying baits, deterrents, and traps because it helps control the problem at the source. Give us a call today to learn more!  

Raccoon Removal 

Raccoons in your trash making noise and causing problems late at night? Found a raccoon on your porch or in your house trying to get to pet food or leftovers? You’re right to be concerned. Not only can raccoons be dangerous, but they can also carry diseases. To avoid risk or injury, it’s a good idea to call Trutech and let our raccoon removal professionals handle the problem. We’ll come to you with everything needed to safely extract the raccoon so you can rest easy, knowing that the job is being handled by true professionals!  

Beyond residential wildlife removal services in Aberdeen, we also offer services for commercial and governmental organizations to remove wild animals and nuisance pests, as well as perform exclusion services to keep them from coming back. Trust our knowledgeable professionals to tackle all your wildlife challenges!  

When Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Professional? 

If you’ve noticed droppings or you hear noises in the walls or ceilings, you may wonder if it’s worth calling a wildlife removal professional in Aberdeen. It absolutely is! Our experts can come to you and personally evaluate the situation to determine what type of approach is best to help fix your wildlife problem. In addition, we have the skills and know-how needed to repair common wildlife damage, clean and disinfect the area, remove a dead animal, and much more. 

If you need wildlife removal services, there’s simply no better name to know than Trutech. Give us a call today and let our professional wildlife removal team come to you and take care of your wildlife problem the safe, and effective way!  


We have highly trained animal control technicians; many who are trained biologists, herpetologists, entomologists, and experts in bat removal and bird control. We will conduct your animal removal service with ease and professionalism. Our services will remove any disease-carrying animal or wildlife from your Aberdeen home. We guarantee we will solve the problem, whatever it takes. Click here for a full list of our animal control and removal services. As an animal control company in Aberdeen, NC:

  • We have a mission to provide animal control and wildlife removal from your property in a humane and ethical manner.
  • We specialize in removing unwanted animals from your home or business.
  • Our animal removal services also close off potential entry points to prevent wildlife from re-entering your home or business.
  • We can remove old insulation that has been tainted by an animal infestation and install new energy efficient insulation in its place.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal control technicians are on call 24/7 to respond in the case of a wildlife removal emergency.


Trutech Pledge

When you contact Trutech, you can feel the confidence that comes with choosing a staff backed by over 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry. Your Aberdeen home or business is safe in the hands of our college-educated biologists, entomologists, herpetologists, and experts on bat removal and bird control. These licensed and insured wildlife removal specialists have the extensive knowledge and training required to handle all of your animal control needs, no matter how challenging.

Additionally, when you choose Trutech, you also receive our personal guarantee. We promise that our staff and wildlife removal technicians will not stop until your animal control issues are resolved. Whatever wildlife problem your Aberdeen home is facing, the century of combined experience behind our skilled specialists means that we can resolve it effectively every time. This area is handled from our Fayetteville, North Carolina Wildlife Removal Service Location.

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